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how to start a t-shirt business with no money

How to Start a T-shirt Business with No Money

There are many ways you can get out of the broke zone. This is so because there are a thousand and one legit things that you can do to make money. Many people believe that you cant start a business unless you have a start-up capital. This is true if we travel some ten years back in time. However, with the level of technology that we have today, you can do much business with no start-up capital, and a T-shirt business is just one of those things you can do. So if you have been looking for a way out of brokenness, then this article is for you. Make money the legit way!

Starting Your T-shirt Business

T-shirts are worn daily by everyone. They are very cheap to make, and they come in several colors so that anyone interested can have the perfect one for them. One prominent feature of t-shirts is the graphics design done on them. It is this design that attracts many people to buy them. We all have a number of them in our closet. So there is a ready market for your t-shirt business.

Just like setting up any other business, start your T-shirt business, you need to be dedicated, focused, creative, and committed. You also have to make connections with friends and family and the online community.

Before getting started you need to settle the following.


Yea, creativity! Most people buy t-shirts because they like the designs made on them. So you have work to do concerning that.

First thing first, you need to have a great idea in mind. So you need to sit down and think out an outstanding design. You can get inspirations from the latest trends, pop culture, tv series, politics, nature, hobby, and anything that can inspire you. All you need to excel is imagination. Your design can even be a famous phrase, a text with catchy fonts. The fact is that anything works, so far people will like it.

A big plus is knowing how to design yourself. Adobe Photoshop is a great tool you can use to create your designs. There are free courses you can take online to learn photoshop in case you lack graphics design skills. You can also contract the design to a friend or family who is a good graphics designer. You don’t have to pay this person immediately; you can have an agreement on paying them as soon as you start making sales.
Another thing you can do is to go into a partnership. If you don’t have a friend or family who is a graphics designer, then you can meet a professional to do it for you. Since you don’t have the money yet, the best thing to do is to sign an agreement on profit sharing with the designer.

It is vital that you know that whatever font, art, or design you are using, it has to be royalty free. This will save you from any lawsuit and the future of your business.

Selling to Close Members

Your first set of customers can be your friends and family. They are the closest people to you. You have a great design already, and people are going to like it when they see others wear your beautiful T-Shirt. Get your people to pre-order your shirt. The money will be used to get materials you will need to make your first batch of t-shirts.

At this point, selling your t-shirt becomes easier. Take pictures of the first batch of your t-shirts; it must look nice on people wearing those t-shirts so that others can be attracted to it and buy. With this, you can make a good advertisement for your t-shirt online.

Pre-order Campaign

Since you have made your first sales, you should have a few sums of money to get materials to make even more t-shirts to sell. However, you can do it another way. Take a pre-order for the next batch of your t-shirts, and you use the money to get more materials to make and design more.

Make sure you get quality materials because you need your customers to leave a good review, and also refers to others to buy your t-shirt.

At this stage of your business, you should have earned considerable well enough. So the next thing you want to do is selling to even more people. This is the point where you think of expansion. You can join Amazon merch to sell your t-shirts.

Amazon Merch

Amazon merch is a perfect way to make more t-shirts sales. Amazon receives millions of visits per month, so you have an excellent opportunity to reach out to more buyers for your product. Find out how amazon merch works.

Marketing Strategy

Identifying your market is one of the key things of your success. The t-shirt you will be making cant be for everyone, so it is vital that you recognize your market. This will help you make a better marketing strategy. You will be able to make tailored ads that will be effective, and the result you will get will be an increase in demand for your t-shirt.

So far, you have to learn how to start a t-shirt business with no money. This article will be useful to anyone who has a strong passion for becoming financially independent. Follow the steps that have been discussed, and remain motivated. You will be amazed by the result you will get.

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