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how to start a mobile ultrasound business
A business man doing ultrasonography using mobile ultrasound technology.

How to Start a Mobile Ultrasound Business

Once you’ve successfully completed the education necessary to become an ultrasound technician, you will obviously want to put your skills to good use. As good as your intentions might be, this does not mean that you are certain to find a job that will suit your circumstances, assuming you are able to find a job at all.

Rather than waste the time and commitment you’ve put into getting your qualification, you can work as an ultrasound technician on your own terms. By setting yourself up in a mobile ultrasound business, you will be able to set your own hours and offer clients a convenient service.

Ultrasound is an integral part of medical diagnostics today. Not only is an ultrasound used to check on the progress of a pregnancy, but it is also useful in the medical investigation and treatment process for ailments and physical issues.

Know Your Market

The first step is to understand who your clients will be and the reasons why they would engage a mobile ultrasound technician. This would help you to determine the amount of custom you can expect and the types of jobs you would most commonly undertake.

Do some research to get an idea of the number of ob-gyns and medical clinics in your area and how busy they are. This will give you a picture of the number and type of clients you can expect.

Determine the extent of the area in which you intend to work, for example, would you be prepared to travel out of state? Will you be working on a full-time basis? Do you think you’d be able to attract enough customers to earn a living?

Think about whether there are any similar businesses operating in your area who may be your competitors. This may help you decide on your ultimate catchment area. Take a look at the list of tools where you can find your competitors.

Benefits of Running a Mobile Ultrasound Business

It might be a daunting prospect to start you own business, and you may even be in some doubt about whether people would make use of a mobile ultrasound business. However, there are several benefits to doing so that can help give you peace of mind.

Think about how many times have you’ve had to re-arrange an appointment because your schedule changed. Or even found it difficult to set up an appointment at all. Whether as a result of there only being so many hours in the day, or being limited by location or physical ability – it happens. People who require ultrasounds can be similarly affected, which is where your ultrasound service comes in to ensure that everyone who needs or wants one can still take advantage of the service.

One of the main benefits of running your own mobile ultrasound business is that you will be able to work according to your own schedule, without being micro-managed by an overbearing boss. You will also be able to offer your clients a flexible service that they may not be able to get elsewhere.

2D is commonplace when it comes to the first pictures of baby, and expectant parents will often want something more. Offering them 3D images from a 3D ultrasound machine will be an option that many clients will take up. In addition, they will want 3D ultrasound images at different stages of the pregnancy, which will give you the opportunity to book more sessions and make more money.

Prepare Yourself for Mobile Ultrasound Business

Once you have undertaken the necessary research to get an idea of who will require the services of a mobile ultrasound business, you will need to obtain the necessary equipment and tools. If you intend to focus on pregnant women, you will require a dedicated baby ultrasound machine.   

In addition to the cost of the ultrasound machine and any related equipment, you will also need to factor in the cost of a suitable vehicle that can transport all your equipment, if you don’t already have one.

Think about travel time and the costs involved in getting to your clients, such as gas and vehicle maintenance.                                                                                                

Consider how many sessions you could complete in a day, bearing in mind that you will need to travel from one appointment to another.

Will you be working alone? If so, you will need to ensure that you have effective devices to be able to handle administrative work while on the road. If not, you will have to take into account the salary cost of anyone you engage to work with you.

Bear in mind that you will only be able to rely on yourself – so get ready to work!                   

All of the above factors will need to be taken into account when you determine how much each session will cost. You can also check the prices of other ultrasound services in the area.

Get your Finances in Check

When you know exactly what you want to do, you will have a better idea of want you need in terms of seed money.

Though you get to avoid the overheads of running a facility from commercial premises, there are still other costs that need to be taken into account.

The ultrasound machine will be your most important purchase, and the cost will vary according to the type, quality, and brand; you can expect to pay anything from $5,000 to $25,000. The cost will also vary according to whether you are able to buy equipment outright, or whether you will be buying it on credit. In the latter situation, the ultimate cost will be greater.

Think about insurance and whether you will put this in place to protect yourself as a professional.

Get the Word Out

All your work will come to nothing if you haven’t got the customers to help develop your business, so it is essential to carry out an effective advertising campaign. In addition to providing different ways in which to contact you, you will also need to provide details of the type of work you do, and the areas in which you work.

Enquire of small medical offices as to whether you can advertise there, or even whether you can partner with them to enable them to recommend you to their clients. Contact the practice manager for an appointment to discuss the potential of working together.

Take advantage of the internet to advertise your business and make as many people as possible aware of your mobile ultrasound business.

Bottom Line

Once you’ve done the necessary research and purchased the equipment you need, you’ll be good to go. We wish you all the best in your new venture!

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