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31 Ultimate Business Management Software for Small Business

In an increasingly technological world, there is almost no limit to how complex everyday tasks can be—especially when it comes to running a business. While technology has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, it has also created systems that, for some of us, maybe too complex to understand and operate ourselves.

Within the business environment, this is true for both big and small operations, but thankfully there are many solutions designed to simplify and automate the processes.

An example of this would be an advanced business management software. These applications provide numerous layers of easy to understand, interface-friendly systems that make running a business as easy as possible.

Some of the most common tasks that advanced business management software takes care of include asset management, interactions with customers and clients, handling databases, and managing invoices.

Of course, the list of resources and tools is quite lengthy—as is the number of programs on the market to choose from. Thus, the following is a list of the 31 best advanced business management software products available, along with their key features and distinguishing qualities.

#1 – Scoro

Convenience, functionality, and ease of use are all critical for the busy entrepreneur who’s already focused on so many other tasks and responsibilities.

For this reason, the right business management software is one that has a robust set of features while also establishing numerous connections that are not limited but can cater for the variables that can arise over time.

With Scoro, you are getting a system that looks clean from a stylistic view but also handles in a friendly manner for even the most technologically-averse out there.

Describing itself as “all-in-one business management software”, it boasts the ability to bring projects, team members, employees, and business interactions together in a seamless approach.

It has several defining features including the ability to coordinate multiple projects at once, create and send invoices to clients and freelancers, and unify it all in a streamlined approach.

Within this overarching framework is a user interface that keeps things simple and intuitive. While some business management software is extremely complicated, offering great options but with a steep learning curve, Scoro is more user-friendly because of how it clear its interface is.

Although one can find business management software that cannot be breached in terms of security and applications, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, what you will find is that each software package has its own specific features and uses, and some may work better for your business than others.

Through this, some of your most important decisions should be made through the filter of your own business operations and how they can integrate best with the system you choose.

Learn more about Scror

#2 – Odoo

Odoo has an ambitious goal in mind for its business management software. They are aiming to shape the future of work itself. It’s a lofty goal that they have actually met in many regards.

At its core, Odoo sets out to achieve a system that creates systemic features that help your business stay on track utilizing a myriad of services all situated within a clear and easy to understand interface.

As far as key features go, you will enjoy the inclusion of a collectivized interface, summarizing dashboards that keep you moving, invoicing features, and the ability to communicate from within the software itself.

One of Odoo’s shining features is its dashboard. The ability to get a bite-sized grasp of general operations, upcoming invoices, pending projects and more is critical for the busy entrepreneur. Odoo offers a way to accomplish daily tasks that do not limit the user to burdensome sheets of data or analytics that cannot be understood—let alone used in any meaningful way. Odoo’s dashboard feature is powerful in that it offers key business insights that otherwise might be overlooked. When it comes to the latest batch of projects, being able to see which ones have been recently completed, which ones are delayed, and which have been canceled or altered can be incredibly valuable.

These nuances are deployed in such a way that the uses and applications are structured and well thought out. Through this, Odoo manages to stay both easy to use and robust.

Learn more about Odoo

#3 – Timecamp

Time is money, and the ability to keep track of time is priceless. With Timecamp, you will find a business management software that goes to great lengths to not only enhance business operations but also to track it all—down to the second.

There are many new programs on the market today designed to help you manage your time, stay focused, and increase efficiency. However, many of these are based on the presupposition that there are also going to be used outside of the business.

Timecamp, on the other hand, has been specifically designed within the confines of business. Some of its key features include time-based invoices that change the amount owed or due based on how much time was spent on the project.

Since so much of the software is centered around the tracking of time, you will also gain insights into the analytics about your day to day business operations.

Learn more about Timecamp

#4 – Apptivo

Apptivo is another great business management software that is designed with an emphasis on one of the most overlooked features in technology and applications. That feature is customer relationship management. It also offers some of the more obvious services, such as invoicing, receipt tracking and analytics. Customer relationship management is the overseeing of interactions with customers in order to ensure that they maintain a high level of efficiency to maximize retention. To address this, Apptivo has focused on this approach, including the use of a robust ticket system that can help ensure clients are treating with clarity and efficiency.

Learn more about Apptivo

#5 – Bitrix24

While some business management software provides features that are simplified for technology-averse entrepreneurs or those in a hurry, others decide to go deep and offer a wide range of services.

This is certainly the case with Bitrix24, an all-in-one solution that offers features ranging from invoice tracking to internal communication.

Similar to how Slack can help keep your company’s operations in constant communication, Bitrix24 has the added benefit of offering an internal communication highway. You can keep in touch with employees through the system itself, so projects can be kept track of, and updates can be easily understood and managed.

Adding to the level of depth here is the ability to create sub-groups to keep in touch with, so if there’s a specific project that only involves certain workers, they can communicate separately.

Collectively, the program also offers customer relationship management features and robust controls for keeping tabs on sales teams.

Learn more about Bitrix24

#6 – Netsuite

Netsuite has maintained a significant position among its competitors by catering to clients with varying needs. Businesses have come to understand that this software is designed for a wide range of uses.

One of the most important considerations when it comes to Netsuite is the fact that it is scalable. It can be used for operations ranging in size from very large to very small. The scalability factor alone could be enough to persuade many looking for the right solution.

With a focus on remaining on the cloud, there is also the ability to keep connected both for file sharing and communicating.

If customer relationship management is part of your goals, there are robust features within Netsuite to facilitate that. Additionally, you will find applications for ERP, e-commerce, and much more.

Learn more about Netsuite

#7 – iBE.net

This is an application that boasts millions of dollars in processed invoices, tens of thousands of tasks accomplished, and a system that is as robust as any others out there.

iBE.net focuses on creating systems that can benefit businesses ranging from small organizations to large consulting firms.

The key features you’ll find include invoice creation that is nimble, analytics reports to keep you keen and aware, and dashboard features that are highly competitive.

Within this, there is the understanding that there are systems that can be applied in different contexts, but the most important variable to consider is that that features like CRM reports can be customized to suit your needs.

Learn more about iBE.net

#8 – StudioCloud

StudioCloud is another great business management software that provides the tried and true basics you need to keep your operations efficient and tracked.

Basic features include invoice creation, digital signature allowance from clients, simplified user interface, and email systems.

Learn more about StudioCloud

#9 – Zoho One

Zoho One offers some of the most robust and cross-platform features out there. Specifically, you will find a combination of the most traditional tools in business management software with an emphasis on utilizing dozens of apps.

Indeed, there are 40 business apps linked to Zoho One, which the name itself suggests—as it is a singular source for your business solution needs.

Employees and clients alike will notice the benefits of having such a centralized system from which daily operations can be managed.

Learn more about Zoho One

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#10 – ProofHub

Cross-platform compatibility is one of the most immediate features you’ll notice when it comes to ProofHub.

Piggybacking off the novel concept of system integration, you’ll find some of the most useful tools for business management solutions while also enjoying the added benefit of being able to utilize the system on multiple devices such as tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

Furthermore, there are extensive analytics reporting measures for maintaining the right strategies and insights to keep you on the cutting edge of efficiency and productivity.

Learn more about ProofHub.

#11 – Todo.vu

If simplicity is your aim, along with an emphasis on user interfaces, then Todo.vu might be best for your needs. The dashboard itself is modern and technologically simple, though there is still plenty of room for depth.

Specifically, if the intention is to manage freelancers, a smaller clientele base, or a small core of employees, you will find a wide range of features for this which can be ordered and tracked in a thorough manner.

Some of the most critical features offered by Todo.vu include advanced calendar systems, an easy-to-use interface, updates delivered on the spot and in real time, and invoice management.

Learn more about Todo.vu

#12 – nTask

When it comes to consistency, application, and clear user interfaces, nTask offers one of the best business management systems out there.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this software is it’s clean, clear, and easy to read dashboard pages. Specifically designed with colored texts and clear distinctions, it is a simplified way to present lots of information without overburdening newcomers.

Its key features include project management, workflow systems, an app counterpart, team communication, and meeting systems, and performance monitoring.

Learn more about nTask

#13 – Gmail

Although on many levels Gmail exists as a service provider outside of the business context, it actually has a robust set of features that can be specifically used for entrepreneurs.

The most important tools you can utilize within your business include a powerful email system with the ability to categorize messages by topic, user, or group, and threads for keeping track of conversations.

Additionally, Gmail offers communication tools such as instant messages and video calls.

#14 – Dropbox

In a similar vein to Gmail, Dropbox is a combination of online communication and the added feature of file storage.

Businesses with lots of information to transfer between clients, freelancers, employees, and others will find this service extremely helpful. You can store a couple of terabytes worth of data and also send simple share links so people without accounts and still send and receive files.

Learn more about Dropbox

#15 – BambooHR

Human resources departments have a lot to say about treating employees as real people who need to be cared for properly. Within this context, BambooHR is a must-have for any business that’s also managing an HR department.

On this software, every worker has their own unique profile allowing their critical analytics to be tracked. These include data points like worker reviews, efficiency reports, and collaborative projects.

Additional reports for ensuring that the workplace remains an equal opportunity environment are also included. This is a must-have for any legitimate organization.

Learn more about BambooHR

#16 – Intercom

The name speaks for itself as this software is specifically designed to enhance your communications with clients.

Being able to respond quickly, politely, and effectively to all customer inquiries is essential for any business, and Intercom allows you to do just that. Additionally, you’ll find the service boasting features like performance tracking in real time, services for email campaigning, and cross-platforming with other apps.

Learn more about Intercom

#17 – Inflow

For any business that is attempting to remain as precise as possible when it comes to inventory management, Inflow is a great source.

Those in charge of running warehouses will enjoy the ability to track information systems and inventory, including features like RFID chip tracking and sales data.

Learn more about Inflow

#18 – Pipedrive

Specifically designed for customer relationship management, Pipedrive serves a very specific function: it helps you manage your sales with high efficiency and oversight.

In addition to this, the service is user-friendly and helps keep individuated factors from becoming a nuisance, such as cross-device compatibility.

Learn more about Pipedrive

#19 – Promapp

For businesses in need of a collectivized and centralized system that operates according to the proper considerations, Promapp serves a vital role.

Specifically, this software allows an organization to stay in communication in a coordinated manner, through great features like document management, workflow oversights, dashboard analytics, and more.

Learn more about Promapp

#20 – TeamGantt

The latest project that’s limited by a deadline can cause a number of headaches for any business—no matter its size. TeamGantt is a tool which provides a great set of solutions to keeping track of and managing your latest endeavor.

Its top features include the incredible Gantt charts that reveal endless insights, customized user interface settings, and various timelines to keep you on track and within deadlines.

Learn more about TeamGantt

#21 – HubSpot

As far as an all-in-one solution is concerned, HubSpot is a great choice. Specifically, you will find that there are a number of essential tools—indeed, some of the most common that are regularly found in business management software. HubSpot offers management features for invoicing, analytics, system appraisals, and even some great customer relationship management tools.

In all, they are collectively organized within a great user interface that is easy to understand and train workers to use.

Learn more about HubSpot

#22 – BP Logix Process Director

When it comes to workflows, efficiency, and project oversight, BP Logix Process Director is one of the most comprehensive software offerings on the market that does not require any programming skills to manage.

This level of robust featuring without the need for advanced skills makes this software one of the most competitive. Some of its key features include invoice tracking, client communication services, and high-efficiency management.

Learn more about BP Logix Process Director

#23 – mHelpDesk

Even at its most basic level, you might find that business management software can become redundant in the services offered compared to competitors. However, the level of choice you have on the market is ultimately beneficial when it comes to the tiny details that make or break your user experience.

mHelpDesk helps establish the basics of your initial customer interactions—and then takes you through the entire process to where your client is satisfied with their experience. As far as user interface and ease of use is concerned, this software is one of the best on the market.

Learn more about mHelpDesk

#24 – Monday.com

Although for some the very word “Monday” can trigger feelings of anxiety and dread, Monday.com sets out to make the start of the work week and beyond as easy as possible.

Providing features and systems ranging from client management to internal employee communications, this software works in tandem with other apps to keep you up to date with all your business’ needs.

Learn more about Monday.com

#25 – Deputy

One of the most important aspects of running a business is keeping close track of all your employees’ activities and submissions. Deputy is software that is designed to offer you those exact functions in a simple setup.

As far as features are concerned, Deputy lets you schedule appointments, manage employee payments and finances, and even synchronize payrolls.

Learn more about Deputy

#26 – Booker

As the name itself implies, Booker offers you business management solutions for booking all kinds of activities.

Whether it is a meeting with employees or with a client, this software features on an easy to use interface that is also bound to the nuances of each interaction. Furthermore, you can individuate each meeting in a system that integrates with other apps.

Learn more about Booker

#27 – Virtuagym

Specifically designed for entrepreneurs in the fitness and gym industry, if you’re looking for a way to keep your clients organized and fit then this could be the best option for your needs.

Through an understanding of the exact needs of those in the fitness industry, Virtuagym has robust features like membership tracking and billing, client health information, and much more.

Learn more about Virtuagym

#28 – aAce

Customer relationship management, ERP, and integration features were put at the forefront of aAce. This business management software focuses on the localization of your information but then extends it through incredible cross-platform compatibility.

In addition, you’ll find yourself enjoying great features like invoice tracking and individual client profiles full of essential insights and data.

Learn more about aAce

#29 – vCita

With an emphasis on offering solution for the smaller businesses out there, vCita works great if your goal is to maximize efficiency within a compact scope.

Essential features you’ll probably use regularly include the ability to converse with clients through the software, add them to analytics and profile systems, and keep track of any future obligations and appointments.

Learn more about vCita

#30 – JIRA

If functionality and efficiency are two primary needs in your business operations, then JIRA is a great option to consider. The software boasts an approach to organization that is both simplified and robust.

Having been in the game for over a decade, the program has been tailored over the years to match the needs of a wide range of business organizations.

Learn more about JIRA

#31 – Accelo

If running the software ends up running your life, you’ll have no time left over to run your business. That’s why Accelo focuses on efficiently keeping the long list of information and analytics about your business tracked.

From this perspective, Accelo’s exceptional ability to track data, merge clientele information, and allow communication features within the software itself is simply unmatched on the market today.

Learn more about Accelo

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