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Are you looking for new start-up ideas? Do you need guidance on digital marketing?

I can help you.

Hi guys! My name is Peter Lee, a software engineer, full-time blogger, website marketer, dedicated husband, and father of two gorgeous children (they got their looks from their mom). I’m active in social media too.

Peter LeeI’m here to save your time and energy. Before getting into full details let me explain to you a few things. I’m not that type of guy who has gone through awful days in his childhood and overcame it with complete hard work and all that stuff. I’m just a regular guy, with a normal life and having simple dreams like any other person. As I do not wish to continue working for some others, I left my full-time job, and now I’m totally focusing on my website. All my articles are based on the researches that I have done. As the market changes its style, so the tactics of my research also improve, thus I have gained some knowledge in some fields, and I’m still learning.

I have a team who works day and night to continue the researches and gain knowledge. My website is peterleehc.com. The main aim is to empower and educate people who want to learn and implement those lessons in their life.

PeterleeHc is basically a digital publication, founded by me. All my contents are for those people who are active in the digital marketing area.

My articles can be useful to the global business community and even for the people who are still thinking about turning their passion into a business.

My preferable work preferences are in specific fields, and those are:

  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • Start-ups
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Content Marketing
  • Accounting and finance
  • YouTube channels
  • Small business

At Peterleehc, I  am determined to be the best and trustworthy online resource for digital marketing strategy and practices. I will help you to make the most of your consumer data. No matter if it’s a startup business or not, I will help you to create a platform to interact with the people who want to connect with your business in the digital world.

The website I have created is a place where experience and ideas meet together. Our viewers/ readers can be at different stages of the marketing and business world, but their main goal is to stand top above all.

For more than ten years, I have helped such people who are willing to understand the core marketing plans or campaigns. By intense research, our in-house writers and editors have accumulated the actionable solutions which will be beneficial for you.

I am giving chances to the guest bloggers as well. I appreciate any ideas related to our website. So if you are thinking about writing for us, you are most welcome. You can go to our “write for us” page and check the guidelines.

Why Do you Think Reading Our Articles Will Help?

  • First and foremost, our articles are easily understandable as I do not use any fancy words. I like to keep my articles short and simple.
  • I will try to be as informative as I can. I prefer learning new things every day, so I will keep you posted whenever I get updated with new and exciting ideas.
  • All our articles are ‘search engine friendly’ and of course ‘social media friendly’ too.
  • Last but not least, I have chosen strong and useful topics to cover on our website. Digital marketing is a platform that every business is using to grow, big companies like Apple, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, IBM, Intel—you name it, and you would notice anyhow those companies are using digital media platforms.

I publish new contents every day on the topics that our website covers. For the complete archive, you can be a digital subscriber.

I welcome you to join us to receive newsletters via email, thus you will never miss a story which will be published by Peterleehc. I am available in the social Medias too, join us there. If you want to share any ideas and thoughts or anything that you didn’t like about our website, you can mail us.

You can contact me by filling up the contact form.

Cheers to all the new ideas.