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Shaping the future of entrepreneurship and digital marketing

Peterleehc is a prestigious digital publisher that believes in building connections with advertisers, new businesses, and global audience. Our commitment to developing outstanding solutions for advertising helps us shape the future of entrepreneurship and online marketing.

Increase your reach

We engage future entrepreneurs and your future customers while they are learning and participating in learning about new services, products, and industries. Peterleehc has the reach to help you get your message in front of your target audience whether they are searching for something on the internet or following a news on social media platforms or taking something valuable from our newsletters.

Enabling Technology

From the beginning, we have built our website keeping the best advertising solutions in mind. We knew that we will be needing space to help our website readers publish their ads as soon as they will start their entrepreneurship journey and master the art of digital marketing.

Display Advertising

The platform provides you with endless opportunities for advertisement. Starting from display ads, you can take a space on our website in relevant places. Want to promote your products or services to new entrepreneurs? Our entrepreneurship section is visited by many entrepreneurs who are working on their startup dreams and those who are running successful companies.

We will help you find the right place to see where your target audience hangs out. It will help you create the right message for your customers so they can see it over and over every day and get inspired to take actions. Our team can help you identify places where you can use display advertising for higher ROI. We love to deliver fresh ideas and information to our customers and with that, we also make sure bringing them visually rich, informative ads they care about.


If you have something valuable to showcase, we have the audience who is always on the lookout for something valuable. Share your ideas and we will help you reach places where customers want us to help them choose products, services or make buying decisions. By putting your links, we not only help our readers find the most relevant and useful information, but we also help you generate more revenue and gain SEO advantages for your website.

Premium Web Positions

We offer advertising spaces on select pages on our website. These web pages are the prominent areas where people visit the most and spend most of their time. We offer more exposure to your business at affordable rates. Depending on the position, we help you choose the links where you want the visitor to be present and find the information you want them to read.

Get Featured

Becoming a featured advertiser is open to all in a move to extend your marketing and advertising campaign, and provide additional reach to your marketing campaign. Featured advertising includes the prominent display in different relevant areas on our website. Being a featured advertiser helps businesses get more visibility and exposure. As a result, they can reach a large number of people and most importantly their campaign becomes memorable. It’s a common human behaviour that what people see often is what they remember. A TV ad that costs a lot but appears for a few seconds may not leave a lasting impact but if your ads are shown for a long time and regularly, people remember you and whenever they need you, they don’t mind dialling your business number.

The Categories We Cover

We cover information about startups, online business, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, sales and marketing strategy, SEO guides, business strategy, entrepreneurship, accounting & finance and small businesses.

Why Advertise With Us?

  • We combine powerful publishing with effective advertising
  • We give you guaranteed ad positioning at the best advertising rates
  • We deliver ads to those who are most likely to purchase your product or service
  • We provide reports to help you get a clear idea of how your ads are performing
  • We also offer digital marketing agency support to help you with your advertising and marketing needs

Reach New Demographics with Unique Solutions

Peterleehc reaches many places and attracts people of different ages and points of view. We are reaching new groups of people every day through our online magazine and content on social media. Our audience is growing continuously, and as we grow, we make sure expanding our reach.

Designed to target your most valuable customers, our digital platform can deliver mass reach in your target markets, as well as targeting across behavioural and geographic attributes. Our marketing and advertising solutions range from short-term ad publishing to long-term partnerships. Our digital products include display ads, email marketing, content marketing, banner ads, business listings, and integrated solutions which you can use in print media as well.


Our website content reaches thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and consumers. With a global audience, we help you expand your reach so that you can find the best possible opportunity within your budget. From display ads on front pages and relevant categories to making your ads visible on our e-newsletters, there are many ways we can help you find the suitable channel to communicate, convey your thoughts and share your ideas with your customers and prospects.

Depending on your business goals, we can help you plan effective, result-oriented advertising campaigns. Every business has different requirements and revenue goals. Keeping this in mind, we help you choose the place you want your advertisement to be published, at the same time, we also help you with data to make powerful decisions.

We welcome you to our digital publication world. Write an email to us and see how we can help you. If you are unsure about the ideas you want to implement in your next advertising campaign, discuss with our team and we will do our best to provide you with the best possible solutions.

If you want to advertise on business blog, Please contact us for the possibilities.