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Welcome To Simple Internet Marketing

My Name is Peter Lee and I have been an Internet Marketer for the last 7 years. You can read more about me here and why I gave up my full time banking career to do Internet Marketing. I started a blog called Work From Home Business Blog in 2007:

wfhb_520x80(feel free to click the image to read all my almost 500 posts I have written so far)

Essentially I started this blog to share with everyone about my experiences in the blogging fraternity. It was a good way to learn the many aspects of an online business and give myself some time to decide what business models I would be interested to get involved in. Do take some time to read some of my most thought provoking, often controversial subjects about online business. I will take you through my thoughts on SEO, Blogging, Internet Marketing, Forum Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and everything that the online world has been exposed to.

I started a few income streams and my most successful ones include Google Adsense when I ran classes to share with ordinary people from all walks of lives how to make money from Google Adsense. Many people were so new to Internet Marketing that everything seems so strange, yet so fascinating to them.

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Here are a few lessons I had learned from my Internet Marketing business over the years:

1. If there is one important thing I learned initially from my 7 years in doing Internet Marketing is this. Do not follow the crowd, do not fall victim to the shiny object syndrome and always have a budget to spend on your business.  Instead always be on a lookout for any experienced online marketers who are willing to share some of their success stories and tips to make it online. You can learn a lot from them and that will benefit your online business as well as build your mental strength in your own business.

2. You can expect some failures in your journey and hopefully after some time you have developed a mental aptitude to continue with what you have set out to do if you have that confidence and you know what you are doing. Remember the road to success is always under construction.  There are 3 steps to success: identify what you want, figure out what sacrifices you need to make, and make these sacrifices.

3. The business model you have undertaken may not always remain profitable and sometimes you have to make difficult decisions. Sometimes this means even changing to another business model to be able to remain being profitable again. Personally this happened to me when my Google Adsense business suffered tremendously after Google Panda and other subsequent Google Algorithms came down on us.

My Next Phase of My Internet Marketing Journey

After 7 years doing Internet Marketing, I like to see myself doing more of sharing my business experiences and online marketing tips with my readers. To meet this challenge I have been very focused on email marketing and communicating twice daily with my blog readers and subscribers. My email list is growing very well and I am confident that this list aptly named ‘mastermind4success’ reaching out to more than 2400 loyal subscribers twice daily sharing all my online tips, will help me meet my next objective I have set out to do.