Business Ideas for Beginners

In today’s world of globalization and mechanization, we see a lot of blooming entrepreneurs around us and as I have noticed almost more than half of them are self made. So what is it that makes youngsters choose business, a turbulent career, as against a safe 9 to 5 government job? Isn’t this whole business idea so against the perfect career these youngsters dreamt of in their small age- a safe, secure and a famous job?

Now to get into the reasons- first point being that BOSS of your own company gives you a high, especially for younger generations. Second being you can be flexible and available for your family in the critical situation they may need you. Third being that THRILL they get by risking smaller things for much larger things, you can say a sort of ‘legal gambling’!

So for all those vying entrepreneurs out there, here are some of the best entrepreneurial ideas for you to try and succeed. So to begin with – WHAT DO I VENTURE INTO? Some of the booming business ideas are small and unique ones. Some of them are listed below

  • Customized jewelry: This is one of the looming markets now, what with personalization in everything we buy. Be it paper made, terracotta or plastic, customized and it sells like hot pancakes. So if you have an edge for designs, an eye for jewelry and the hand craft to make it, you are sure to succeed in this.
  • Greeting cards: Again, people are too busy nowadays to write a letter, not even to type out a lengthy email to their dear ones congratulating them, apologizing for their mistakes or for expressing their undoubting love. So a greeting card calls for every occasion. People are looking out for celebrating even their smallest moment- as personalized as possible, as successful as you want yourself to be! So go on make those cards!
  • Digital photography: People would always prefer their special moments to be captured and retained with them. They do not need lousy nephews or aunties to take the picture of it and find it shaken and not clear. Thus came in the need for professional or at least a person with decent camera and skills.And there at that point was born a business idea, digital photography. And its more of an edge if you know Photoshop or editing photos and you will be called hither- thither for your skills.
  • Kids’ related business: Kids are a joy in itself and no one would disagree that a few precious hours away from them, relaxed and at ease, wouldn’t be bad. Do think in those terms and for tips ask those mothers themselves. Only mother knows what all she needs for her kids and you are all ready to toddler- tail them!
  • Senior citizen services: We say that old age is the second childhood. You needn’t stick on to old age homes; you can even carry on with nurse providing for them, a service that they can depend on for urgent services of health issues etc. And who knows you can even get blessed with your service. Any money can’t replace a good karma!
  • Event Management: It is at the time of a function at home that we call all our gods to let us help make it a giant success. And Ta-Da! There lands an event manager at your doorstep- someone to whom you can talk openly and be ensured that people coming in will be spell bound.

After that it is time to WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN. A business plan is a kind of script you can use to chart out your business schemes. You have made a business plan if you have ever written down any business venture planning on a small piece of paper somewhere. To start any sort of business you need goals that you want to achieve. These can make up your B-Plan. You need to chart down everything you mean business on the plan. It doesn’t always work as per your plan but an outline sure can ease your worry lines!

Next daunting question would be- WHERE DO I START MY BUSINESS? Today, instead of setting up a real world shop, people prefer going online for purchases and online your shop visibility as well as promotion becomes a lot less hectic. So the preferable location of your store or your venture would be ONLINE!

Next is to get your business financed. Under our government we have a lot of loan schemes to help you venture into the business. Be sure that you read and understand the legalities and get it confirmed with a trust worthy finance consultant. And also watch out for a loan with interest that you can pay without running yourself into debts.

Now to your product reach. Do a survey to understand the reach of your product. Trust me it will do you good. In the start the reach may be pathetic. Even ask people in the locality and those who come to shop if they would like things to be bought to shop exclusively. Do build a friendly relationship with them. Be positive, stay positive, promote your product in the right way and your product will reach for stars!

Promoting your business in the right way is also very crucial. This helps your product to gain popularity. You do not have to do an elaborate campaign but do something that always stays in their mind. For example offering freebies, being friendly with the customers and treating them the right way will motivate them for a word of mouth campaign. Who knows your product may go places after that!

Keep updating with the market. Imagine a shop with Nokia basic phones now. I m sure nobody will enter. So keep updating yourself about market and stock up your shop well too!!!

Hope you had a good read and that it was useful. So why are you waiting? Go mean the business today itself!

Author Bio:

I am Ramya Raju, a resume writing expert and career expert who also specializes in creating, writing and developing content, career websites and content for newsletters.  I’m a sociable person, with a great love and interest for photography.



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