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My Name is Peter Lee and I have been an Internet Marketer for the last 7 years. You can read more about me here and why I gave up my full time banking career to do Internet Marketing. I started a blog called Work From Home Business Blog in 2007:

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Essentially I started this blog to share with everyone about my experiences in the blogging fraternity. It was a good way to learn the many aspects of an online business and give myself some time to decide what business models I would be interested to get involved in. Do take some time to read some of my most thought provoking, often controversial subjects about online business. I will take you through my thoughts on SEO, Blogging, Internet Marketing, Forum Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and everything that the online world has been exposed to.

I started a few income streams and my most successful ones include Google Adsense when I ran classes to share with ordinary people from all walks of lives how to make money from Google Adsense. Many people were so new to Internet Marketing that everything seems so strange, yet so fascinating to them.

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Here are a few lessons I had learned from my Internet Marketing business over the years:

1. If there is one important thing I learned initially from my 7 years in doing Internet Marketing is this. Do not follow the crowd, do not fall victim to the shiny object syndrome and always have a budget to spend on your business.  Instead always be on a lookout for any experienced online marketers who are willing to share some of their success stories and tips to make it online. You can learn a lot from them and that will benefit your online business as well as build your mental strength in your own business.

2. You can expect some failures in your journey and hopefully after some time you have developed a mental aptitude to continue with what you have set out to do if you have that confidence and you know what you are doing. Remember the road to success is always under construction.  There are 3 steps to success: identify what you want, figure out what sacrifices you need to make, and make these sacrifices.

3. The business model you have undertaken may not always remain profitable and sometimes you have to make difficult decisions. Sometimes this means even changing to another business model to be able to remain being profitable again. Personally this happened to me when my Google Adsense business suffered tremendously after Google Panda and other subsequent Google Algorithms came down on us.

My Next Phase of My Internet Marketing Journey

After 7 years doing Internet Marketing, I like to see myself doing more of sharing my business experiences and online marketing tips with my readers. To meet this challenge I have been very focused on email marketing and communicating twice daily with my blog readers and subscribers. My email list is growing very well and I am confident that this list aptly named ‘mastermind4success’ reaching out to more than 2400 loyal subscribers twice daily sharing all my online tips, will help me meet my next objective I have set out to do.



Why You Should Start Email Marketing

aweberEmail marketing is still strong and will never cease to exist as it is one of the best ways in which to find targeted traffic that will visit your website. The problem is in most cases that the new entrepreneur may not know exactly how to go about building their list and creating the entire website in the best possible way to turn their visitors into customers.

The first things you should learn are the basic requirements of your website in order to get you going in the right direction.


An autoresponder ( I use Aweber)  is the best way in which to send out mass emails to those that have joined your website to receive your newsletter or other correspondence. You should be able to find a high quality autoresponder that will allow you to create the list of individuals that have opted to receive your information via email. Some autoresponders will allow you to choose which receptions will receive which message and you can automate the entire process so the emails will be sent on a schedule.

Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can be a difficult task but is very important. You should choose a domain name that is as close to your idea of your company or business as possible. There are many different websites offering domain names such as GoDaddy. The best domain names are of course .com as they have more clout than others.


You can choose a variety of different website builders online or hire a professional design company to create the exact look and feel you desire. The website should be easy to navigate and should not be overwhelming for your customers. Too many photos or long worded texts are often reasons many leave and look for your products elsewhere.

Squeeze Page

A Squeeze page is nothing more than the first page your visitors see when they arrive on your website. You should have as much information as possible on this page and be straight to the point. Use the proper wording so your visitors realize they must get their hands on your product immediately. On the squeeze page, you should have a small form that allows your visitors to sign up for your newsletter so you can start building your list.

Thank you Page

Always thank your customers for purchasing. You should have a very nice and pleasing page that thanks them for their purchase right after they pay for the product. At the bottom of this page, you should have a link to the page where they can download the product they purchased.

Building your List

Internet gurus know the ins and outs of building their list and have been very successful with such things as adswapping, clickbanking, paid traffic, and solo ads.


This is a relatively new marketing scheme in which you find partners that will place one of your ads in their newsletter or squeeze page while you place one of their ads in theirs. This is great way to find new clients as they will click the link in the newsletter and once on your website, opt to receive your newsletter.


This is an awesome way to get new visitors but it will be work on your part. You will need to find a guru that has a long list he or she emails. You agree to send him or her a specific amount of clicks say in a month. Once he has received all the clicks you agreed to provide, he or she will then send that amount of clicks back to your website.

Paid Traffic

This is often seen with programs such as Google Adwords. You will join the program and pay a certain amount each time your link is clicked and you receive a visitor to your website.

Buying Solo Ads

Solo ads are a popular form of paid advertising that online marketers used in their email marketing. They are called solo ads because in this kind of delivery, they are not sent together with other advertising campaigns. Hence the name “solo ads”.

In essence, when someone purchases a solo ad from a seller he is paying him to have his email sent out to the seller’s full list of subscribers. So ultimately when the solo ad is completed in no more than seven days, he would have received an agreed number of “clicks”. Hopefully these clicks have translated into opt-ins thereby adding new subscribers into the buyer’s own list.

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How To Earn Money Online Fast

How do we define success? As much as we say it is all in being happy, we know there is a financial undercurrent too. How much we earn and how we earn it all sums up into how much successful we are. So how about you earn money right from your home, that too without any investments? Isn’t the prospect alluring? It is possible for everyone. You only need to be equipped with a computer with internet facility. You can earn money right from your home wearing your pajamas!

So here I have accumulated some of the high rated online jobs that don’t need investment, which helps you earn money.

  • Reading advertisements: This is one of the booming jobs. Advertisers spend a lot of money to come up with creative ads for people to see get impressed. And they are even ready to pay you to watch their ads. Register free with any website, spend 20 minutes daily, minimum, watch ads and earn money! More ads you watch, the more you get paid!
  • Micro jobs: There are hundreds and thousands of small tasks waiting for you in internet. And doing these jobs will fetch you money. You can earn anywhere from Rs.5 to Rs.100 for a task. These jobs can be writing a small survey or ticking a box or reviewing or anything. Doing more jobs can fetch you more money! Spending as little as 2 or 3 hours can fetch you a few thousands.
  • Online survey filling: You can enroll with a company and they in turn will send you their surveys to make their products or company better. You will just have to fill it and you will be paid for doing this.
  • Online captcha entry: The websites all over the world needs signing up for them. The only thing that keeps them is the captcha step. So you can solve a few captchas for them and you earn money. The more captchas you solve the more money you can earn!
  • Blogging: You can start a blog of your own. Write things you think are mighty interesting and then promote it through Google AdSense. Google will pay you for each visit people give into your blog. Turn your skill for writing into something with which you can earn money. This job can fetch you a few thousands that too while doing the thing you love- writing!
  • Affiliate services: Big companies like Flipkart, Myntra etc give you money for promoting their products in different platforms. Making their products visible and also their brand on top of mind, is what they are paying you for. You get pain 4% to 10% of the sales generated through your promotions.
  • Freelancing jobs: Freelancing means you are free to work for anyone. Your clients keep changing. Freelancing jobs are easily available if you have a particular skill set like writing, drawing, designing etc. there are ’n’ number of websites for you to enroll and get jobs.
  • Online writing jobs: All websites are on look out for content to regularly update on their websites. You can generate high quality content and you will be paid accordingly. A good skill set of good English skills are very much valued in this world. Go write, earn money!
  • Mystery shopper: In this case you will be hired by certain companies to evaluate them. They will pay you to use their services and report them back on the services received. For example if a hotel chain needs to know how their staff treats their customers, hire a mystery shopper, ask them to avail the services and report back with the behavior.
  • Handicrafts: people are all tired of the same monotonous arts they get in shops. If you have a thing with hands and handicraft is your cup of tea, you can try selling the things you made. Who knows you may even open up your own online store to sell your line of products.
  • YouTube: You can earn money from YouTube by generating your own tutorial videos, humorous program, music or anything you are good at. Post the video and be a member of YouTube partner. If approved, you will be paid money for each time people watch your video.

All these are good ways to make money from your home. But always be careful of fraudulent websites and fake job calls. Make sure that you always check the company name for any negative mark in Google. Always be involved in research whenever you get a job just to be sure you are doing work for a genuine company and that your work doesn’t go for a toss! So pick up your way and earn money with no string attached!!

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I am Ramya Raju, a CV writing expert and career advice expert who also specialises in creating, writing and developing content, career websites and content for newsletters. I’m a sociable person, with a great love and interest for photography.



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